Monday, May 2, 2011

Met Gala: Yawn

Every year when the Met Gala rolls around I get so excited! For me it's always been one of the big pinnacles for fashion along with the Oscars. It mixes fabulous fashion designers with models, actresses, muscians, it girls and everyone whos anyone in the fashion world. Generally it's one of the key fashion events where people go a little all out with their outfits, they take a risk and have a little fun for the night....

Daphne Guinness was the first picture I saw...

This is nothing out of the ordinary for miss guinness but at first i was a little unsure... too much maybe?
But then i kept viewing the pictures... It was basically a giant pile of yawns, havent i seen this before and a whole lot of WTF.

It looks like blake lost half of her dress and decided to wrap around her bed sheets sari style...


Dear Gwenyth, havent I seen this dress on you a million times? ..boring

Ginnifer..... Although I think you're a tool for changing your name from jennifer to ginnifer..
I really enjoy the colour of this, and I want your necklace.. BAD...

I love leighton.... I think shes gorgeous and i want to be her...
but seriously... I know on GG that Blair opts for uptown chic and leighton opts for
a sexier, edgier look, but this is the one time that girl shoulda taken some advice from her GG character!
please fire your stylist stat


I am not a Renee fan.. Sometimes I just want to scream at her and tell her to open her eyes
And also i'm rather sick of nude dress + sparkles....
BUT I do think that she looks kinda pretty...

Bravo Jennie from the block!
Now this is more like a Met Gala dress to me...
It's feminine and beautiful yet it packs a punch and brings a little bit of drama!

Ashley... I think someone sewed the sleeves onto the wrong dress...
just putting it out there.
This may be allowable if you were hiding atrocious tuckshop lady arms..
but we all know you arent.

I think sequins on nude is extremely pretty.. dont get me wrong
But if I see one more damn nude and sequin dress I am going to passout from boredom

props to the original material girl
shes not wearing black, a leotard or anything that I am scared to look at her in
because I dont want to see a 50 year olds semi naked body.
The colour is refreshingly beautiful on her and the star detailing adds just the right amount of drama
and fun that the Met Gala calls for!

If you're not a ballerina please dont wear a tutu inspired dress.. EVER
alot of people upon seeing this are reminiscing of Lara Flynn Boyles tutu fiasco a few years ago
but for some sick reason this dress reminds me of Bjorks dead swan dress....
It disturbs me....

Black sheer lace? AGAIN? really????
I expect alot more from Rihanna! This is the one event where she could have
embraced her crazy fashionista and gone with it buuuuut she didnt.... dissapointment central
and i dont dig the braid with it.... it looks like her hairstylist called in sick so she did it herself

This is more like it! Riri woulda killed it in this!
Beyonce looks amazing in this Pucci design..
though a small part of me thinks that it looks like she made it out of her fav fancy wall tapestry or rug...

NO LUCY LUI! despite a surplus of feathers and black mesh this dress makes you look
frumpy and kinda fat....
bring back the watermelon inspired, versace wearing Lucy!
(If you dont know what dress im referring to google it.. it was amazing)

I love love Nicole Richie... But this dress leaves me feeling ....Meh
I dont think it does much for her tiny figure...
I expected more from you Nicole

WELL PLAYED Christina Ricci!
For a Gala dedicated to McQueen you have chosen one of my faaaavourite
pieces from my favourite collection of his!
I never ever would have thought that such a volumous dress
would work on such a tiny five foot nothing girl but you look INSANE
I 100% approve and I think McQueen would to

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