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Babe in total control of herself- Kelly Cutrone

So I'm a bit excited... I just found out that in 2011 Foxtel's Lifestyle You channel will be airing Kel on Earth.
Ive already intensely soaked in every episode from sidereel, but will deffinitely be watching/taping each and every episode again.

For any girl who wants to work in fashion I think this is a must see. Its a reality show based on the beloved Kelly Cutrone and her PR business Peoples Revolution. (you might remember her as the dark haired fashion bitch from The Hills and The City).

Many girls think working in fashion is glamourous but this is the brutal slap in the face many of them need. Its not. Her staff work long hours, they eat, they barely sleep, they kill themselves to be good at what they do.

Kelly is personally one of my idols, I love her and her tough love approach to life. You can tell she's worked hard and reaped all of its rewards.

For any fashion girl this is must see tv!

Oh and she also has a book called "If you have to cry go outside", that i highly recommend.

I'll leave you with some gemstones from her show and book! xx

"This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having a bad day, a bad month, or a shitty year. Things will change: you won’t feel this way forever. And anyway, sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your soul needs most. I believe you can’t feel real joy unless you know what it means to fail. You can’t know what it’s like to feel holy until you know what it’s like to feel really fucking evil. And you can’t be birthed again until you’ve died."

"I work in fashion because the world is such a heavy place that I need to be in this industry that fights for five hours to get a dress."

"Well, on The Hills, I’m on with a bunch of blonde girls. And on this one I’m on with a bunch of black-haired girls."

"So, the last guy that broke up with me was like, ‘You wanna know what? If you get your own TV show, you should call it Kell On Earth. Because that’s what it was like living with you.’ And I was like, ‘I really wanna cry, but I have to run upstairs and go trademark the name so I can get my own show on Bravo.’"

"I take my [seven-year-old] daughter trick-or-treating in Salem, Massachusetts, every year, and there are signs all over that say, ‘Witch: Woman in Total Control of Herself,’ so now we think that ‘B’ means ‘babe’ and ‘bitch’ is ‘Babe in Total Control of Herself.’ "

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chanel gets her wings

One of my favourite fashion shows of the year showed on tv last week
Victorias Secret!

It's not high fashion, but it has the top models and the most amazing production aspects and styling.
Most importantly I think it really reminds people that fashion should be fun!
It's great to see the models personalities shine and this year was deffinitely Chanel Iman's year!She killed it with the bubble gun! and the best bit... She got her wings! and you can clearly see how touched she is in the fittings.

I may have gotten a bit misty eyed for her..
Kinda wish Abbey Lee had been in it again she looked insane in last years show!

enjoy x

Guilty Pleasure

We all have our guilty pleasures in life.. and right now mine is toddlers and tiaras..

I know this is cringe worthy, thus the guilt side but its a mindless escape from what can sometimes be a stress filled reality. There are many pros and cons of childhood beauty pageants, alot of people believe it sexualises children and I admit some of the beauty shots and the lengths parents go to to make their children look older is cringey. But the show also demonstrates its like any other hobby or activity, it builds confidence and character in these girls which are traits that will help them through life.

I watch it for pure entertainment though.. the pageant mums who are trying to live out their dreams, the pageant dads who sew the dresses, train the daughters and do their hair and makeup and still claim to be straight.. and last but not least the kids. The tantrums, the brats, and the little cuties who really do love it.

Tune in for a mindless break from reality.

You might even see the future Miss America

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