Monday, November 19, 2012


So it's nearly summer in sunny Brisbane and I'm determined to tone up for bikini season!
I admit to eating a TONNE of sugary and processed foods, especially when I'm bored or stressed. Plus I really despise working out...
But I've decided to start with baby steps by slowly cutting down and eventually cutting out refined sugars and processed foods.

Chocolate and ice cream are two of my biggest weaknesses especially after dinner at the end of the day, however I think I have found an alternative to help me through this. I don't drink coffee and only ever drink the occasional cup of green tea but I was in T2 today and came across their Oolong Chocolate Chai Tea.

I was a bit sceptical because normally teas don't stand up to their supposed flavour for me but I just finished a cup and it really hits the spot.

The spicy chai flavours come through but there is also a definite underlying taste of sweet chocolate. It's pretty delicious! So this week when I'm being slugged by my chocolate cravings I'm going to pour myself a warm mug of this and see how I go!

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